5 Easy Workouts for the Office

5 Office Workouts

I get it. You have a desk job so you don’t have time to work out.  It is one of the number one excuses for not working out.  Did you know that?

Just recently, I was thinking about my days in the office working for Corporate America.  I spent nine years sitting at an office job.  Sitting down at a desk for maybe forty hours each week is not the best way to stay fit. Take it from my personal experience!  If you are not careful, you will soon discover your posture has deteriorated into a slump and your back always hurts. Eventually, your belly will expand into that spare tire or muffin top, and walking further or taking stairs will start to leave you breathless. Sure, some office workers are fortunate enough to be employed by a company that has a gym on site, so they can go sweat off a few calories at lunchtime. However, most office workers buzz out a typical 8 to 5 day before fighting the metal cattle home in the rush hour.  Most will then face getting home, finding something to whip up for a meal, only to collapse in front of the television for the evening. Or, maybe you add in a few kids to the end of the day?

Does this sound familiar?  If so, try to make an effort to step up your fitness with some simple exercises you can do in the office.  If you get good at it, you can actually disguise them so no one even knows you are doing them.

Try these while you are at work tomorrow:

  1. For some great belly blasting benefits, raise both feet off the ground for as long as you can while sitting at your desk, keeping your elbows on the desk surface. Bend your knees if you can’t to these with straight legs.  Do these several times a day to work that gut! As they say, no pain, no gain.
  2. You may likely be accused of having a small or weak bladder on this exercise, but this is an excellent way to get some cardio during work hours:  Walk quickly up two flights of stairs in your office block every 30 minutes or so, occasionally pacing into a light jog. If you do this, you will actually complete about a thousand steps a week, or 50,000 steps a year.
  3. Most women remember this one:  “I must, I must…”  Work the chest muscles in disguise by placing your hands on your shoulders, right on left and vice versa. Clench your chest muscles a number of times while you do this. Look at your computer screen; it makes you look as though you are seriously concentrating something you have written.
  4. You may raise a few brows on this one while you bump up and down in your seat!  Squeeze tight and do regular buttock and pelvic clenches below your desk while sitting at the computer.
  5. Stretch and strengthen your calf muscles by placing the soles of your feet on the ground then gently raise your heels as far as you can.  Repeat until you feel the burn.

I know, the office workouts’ are not ideal – but its better just sitting all day and doing nothing.  In all, exercise actually makes you feel more awake. It will give you that buzz and help refresh you.  You may even find you work even harder and feel more awake throughout the day.  Exercise an excellent stress reliever!  Try it. Your body will begin to feel and show the benefits in a very short time.  Now that is something to create water cooler talk with!

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